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To make your trip flawless, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks collected through twenty plus years of travel industry experience.



Packing Tips

Packing Tips



1. For multi-day tours with many hotel changes, pack a separate plastic bag with clothing for each day, excluding items that you’ll wear on multiple days; you won’t have to pack and unpack at each hotel.


2. To save space and reduce wrinkles, roll your clothes rather than folding them.


3. Dansko makes the best walking shoes.  They’re heavy, so wear them on your flight to avoid adding weight and bulk to your luggage.


4. Use eBags’ packing cubes for clothes and underwear.  When you arrive, simply place them in your dresser’s drawers, unzip them, and you’re unpacked.


5. Bring a few empty resealable plastic bags for souvenirs or dirty laundry.


6. To pack necklaces, use a towel.  Lay them in a row next to each other on the towel, then roll the towel up from one end to the other like a jelly roll.  Use two ponytail holders to keep the roll closed.  Once you arrive at your destination, unroll the towel and your necklaces are in a tidy, untangled line, ready to be worn.


7. Consider stashing a few pairs of children’s inflatable swimming floaties in you suitcase.  If you purchase something fragile, slide on one or more floaties to cushion the object, inflate, and pack.


8. Take half the clothes and twice the money you think you’ll need.


9. Always keep a roll of duct tape in your suitcase-it’s a fix-all for anything!


Money and Safety

Money and Safety


1. When traveling as a couple, each of you should carry a different credit card.  If one is lost or stolen and needs to be canceled during the trip, you’ll still have the other person’s card.


2. ATM Withdrawals give you the best exchange rate.


3. Scan important travel documents-passports, birth certificate, tickets, credit cards – onto two USB keys.  Bring one with you and leave the other with someone at home.


4. Carry local change for bathrooms in may overseas destinations.


5. Take a picture of your luggage before you check it – so much easier than trying to describe it if it’s lost.


6. Have $100 in singles for tipping – $20s can be awkward and expensive


Favorite Apps For Traveling

Favorite Apps For Traveling




1. LocalEats: the app will pull up non-chain spots close to you that are recommended by local food critics.


2. YP Local Search & Gas Prices: When Craving a particular food, or looking for the least expensive gas on the highway.


3. MetrO: Helps find the shortest ride on a subway system of the city you are visiting.


4. Goby: Helps find nearby events and activities suited to your interests (in the United States).


5. XE Currency: App to calculate dollar values instantly, using real-time exchange rates.


6. City Maps 2Go: Lets you access maps for thousands of cities, provinces, regions and island when you have no internet connection.


7. Maplets: Provides maps for: national parks, subways, college campuses, subways, rail systems and much more.  Download the maps when you have free internet connection so you can pull them up later when you don’t.


8. Wikihood: When passing through a place you know little about, Wikihood allows you to get useful information about the place’s noteworthy sights, culture, history, beaches, parks, famous people and more.


9. TripLingo: Provides phrase guides, translations, and audio pronunciations for more than 20 countries, customized to your interests.


10. Google Translator: Translate words and phrases between more than 60 languages.  For most languages, you can speak your phrases and hear the corresponding translations.


11. AirportZoom: For flight information.


12. Photosynth: For panoramic photos.


Hotel Stays

Hotel Stays

1. If you’re arriving hours before check-in, have your travel adviser book you a spa treatment to enjoy while you wait for your room to be ready.


2. Always request late checkout the day prior to leaving – this gives the hotel time to organize it with the cleaning staff.


3. Pack a clothespin to keep hotel drapes closed tight.






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