Business Travel Endorsements

My experience with BTI, especially with Wendy Collins, has always been exemplary.  Recently, on a business trip to New Orleans with a change in Charlotte, we were told, due to FAA sequester slowdowns, we would be late to the gate. With less than fifteen minutes to reach our next flight, we missed our connection. I was frustrated with long lines at customer service and airline agents who didn’t care.  I called bti’s emergency number and almost immediately was booked on the next flight leaving two hours later.  Had I waited in line, I would not have gotten a flight and would have had to stay overnight in Charlotte at my own expense and missed a very important meeting.  BTI Travel’s emergency service saved the day.  It is a pleasure doing business with BTI Travel.
Ronald Uva M.D.
Oswego Country Ob-Gyn 
Vice Chair of the American College of Ob-Gyn for New York

I took the advice of my colleague, and booked my trip through a BTI agent, Jackie MacCammon.  I wanted to let you know I have never had a better BTI experience.  I needed to book two trips with a combination of five different cities and certain time constraints. I normally use BTI’s online booking tool, so this was my first time booking with an agent and it was a great experience.


Jackie made the process personal and she was humorous to work with, resulting in a smooth and stress free experience.  She was concerned about my travel preferences while also keeping an eye on prices, benefiting both my clients and the company.  Moving forward, anytime I have a complex trip I will be calling a BTI agent.

Peter C. Moes
Harris Connect
Phone: 616-990-6368

 We are a new client of BTI Travel but have already noticed the benefits and value of using BTI for our business travel. They have done an excellent job of finding cost efficient flights that offer reasonable connecting times.


Recently, while booking a trip online, I became frustrated trying to find the desire flight at a reasonable cost. The Tickets were over $1,000.00 and during my search for less expensive options, I kept getting distracted by my other job responsibilities. This was not a wise use of my time.  It was at that point I decided to pick up the phone and use the skills and experience of a BTI agent. The agent was happy to help and within minutes, found a flight that was nearly half the cost. We saved $496.00 and I saved myself unnecessary frustration.  


I highly recommend using BTI for your travel needs. Through experience, knowledge and an understanding of business travel, they put together flight itineraries that are affordable and meet the demands of our business travelers.

Linda Ebensperger
Abscope Environmental, INC.
Phone: 315-697-84374

The BTI Online Booking Tool is a great resource to have at your fingertips and one which I rely on every day! It is as simple as inputting dates of travel and desired destination information; in seconds it provides the best options at the best price! The search criteria helps to narrow down options that fit into the daily busy schedule that most live by! It quickly and efficiently compares airlines, hotel and car rental options. I am thankful for, and we can all appreciate, its feature of sharing lower priced travel options.  

From an administrative perspective this tool also allows me to manage a team of travelers! I can retrieve itineraries, exchange tickets and find invoices all in one place! The information is very easily accessible.

On the chance you ever have a question or need a little bit of help navigating the site, the customer service that BTI has supporting this tool is exceptional. I enjoy working with their team.

 Susan Losty
Executive Assistant
Bright House Networks
East Syracuse, NY
Phone: 315-438-4608
I rely on my BTI Monthly Reporting to keep me aware of our overall spending as a company, the trending of our travel costs and the areas for improvement.  I receive copies of itineraries for all travelers, even ones I didn’t coordinate, and the volume can make it difficult to track these things on my own.  The reports give me a clear, concise snapshot and great detail I can share with senior management.  They save me hours of work ever month. 
Tim Oliver-Grow
Field Service Coordinator
Syracuse, New York
Phone: 315-299-3237

I was messed up last night in Greensboro with a delayed United Airlines commuter flight to Washington-Dulles that would cause me to miss a connection. I did what I always do in that circumstance. Get in line with a ticket agent and call BTI simultaneously. I did not get the name of the BTI rep that assisted me and I forgot to ask her name during the confusion. But BTI Travel did a PHENOMENAL job!


The BTI agent stayed on the phone with me for 20-25 minutes and coached me through the whole process, providing periodic updates as she negotiated the United Airlines ticket over to US Airways. She actually stayed on the phone while I moved from the United Airlines gate agent to the United Airlines ticket counter and then to the US Airways ticket counter. And she would not disconnect from me until she knew that I had a US Airways boarding pass in my hand.

Bob Goff
10 Vance Street
Phone: 413-530-2978

BTI’s work supporting travel for SRC’s government-site Gorgon Stare team has always been exceptional, but 18 April 2012, BTI truly went above and beyond expectations.


I was stuck in Denver Airport, with the United Airlines’ representative (a supervisor) telling me I would not be able to fly out until the next day.  This delay would have kept me from work, been thoroughly inconvenient, and resulted in additional costs to the government.


One phone call to a BTI agent and they made my life better.  She worked directly with the United agent, and the next thing I knew, I had flights home.  I may have returned to Dayton late, but thanks to BTI I was able to be at work the next day.


BTI’s courtesy, professionalism and expertise are greatly appreciated.


Al Saulnier
Program Manager, Blue Devil 1
Phone: 937-417-9292

BTI went above and beyond my expectations, keeping a close eye on our out-of-pocket expenses.  For a two-week trip out west, our initial car rental expense was over $900.  Two weeks before our departure date, BTI’s agent checked the prices on a daily basis, as they kept falling as our departure date drew near.  BTI ended up saving us over $400 on car rental, which we gladly added back in our pockets


Claire Fisher
Construction Scheduling
Fisher Associates
Rochester, NY
Phone: 585-334-1310
First off, I want to tell you how impressed the guys (Ralph, Bob, Jon, and Kyle) are with BTI Travel.  Bob says he’s never worked with such a knowledgeable and experienced agent. 
She took into account all aspects of what we were looking to do, all the way down to suggesting flights with the greatest likelihood of upgrades.Thanks for doing such a great job, even though these guys are fussy, high-maintenance consultants!“>
Ian Hedding
Strategic Asset Management, Inc.
Relationship Development Officer
Phone: 860-673-2005

Thank you so much for the help last night and early this morning.  Once again, BTI Travel was quick to provide me with alternative options in a pinch.  It truly saves me and my travelers an enormous amount of time versus having to call the airline directly. 

 I appreciate how BTI and the other agents know me and am aware of my travelers’ preferences at a glance. Thank you for walking me through the options, explaining travel rules, and assisting me in making important travel decisions on their behalf when we are extremely pressed for time, it makes a difference.  I believe this type of service is achieved only when you build relationships and I sincerely appreciate that.  
Thank you for the continued support and excellent customer service.
Michelle Wilson
Executive Assistant
Dairy Farmers of America
Syracuse, NY
Phone: 800-926-2667


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