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Get “Safe To Go” for your next vacation or business trip.


 With BTI you are “Safe To Go”

BTI maintains backup and contingency plans to ensure continuous performance in the event of disruptions. In case of an emergency or an interruption of service while travelers are in transit, we are prepared to respond quickly to inform your company of any employee who is involved.


During Hurricane Sandy almost 50% of our customers’ trips were cancelled. By utilizing BTI’s Safe to Go, a comprehensive automated program, our staff was able to quickly identify those travelers delayed or cancelled worldwide. They were contacted and re-accommodated or at their request, canceled. Not only are their flights cancelled but also their hotels to avoid hotel no-show charges. 


When an airline is having a labor dispute or a pending strike, BTI’s Safe to Go electronic program notifies BTI immediately.  Our operations department queries the program which enables us to capture the reservations of 100% of the clients we have booked on that airline for the date of the anticipated strike and several days beyond. Within minutes we have notified the companies’ travelers whose alternate flights need to be booked.


When an airline is in flight and forced to have an emergency landing due to a mechanical malfunction, bomb threat, inclement weather or etc, BTI is at the ready. Within minutes, BTI’s Safe to Go identifies the reservations for any passengers on board the flight we booked. If we have customers on the flight we contact the company and inform them of the employees and the situation. At the same time, we notify every company we serve that no one from their company was on board.


BTI’s Safe to Go provides us with up to the minute information related to areas of disease advisories and even terrorist threats that BTI communicates immediately to companies having travelers in those parts of the world.


With BTI’s Safe to Go program we are prepared for weather problems, technological issues and many other incidents that unexpectedly and sometimes suddenly occur. Whatever the disruption, with BTI, you’re Safe to Go.



A recent incident I can highlight happened on Dec. 20…right before the holiday.  An employee was traveling west from Newark NJ to Wausau WI but a snow storm was heading in the opposite direction.  Our employee was only able to reach Chicago.  I contacted BTI; the agent found that all airports in Wisconsin were closing for the day and secured a hotel room for the traveler at ORD for that night.  The next morning, working with the airline, the agent was able to reserve one of the few remaining seats on a flight going to a nearby airport (Appleton) as no seats were available into Wausau for two more days.

Connie Reynolds

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