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Why BTI?


With today’s market conditions, you need to be cost conscious. Consider the travel dollars you may be losing due to your traveler’s overspending, without even knowing it. This is extremely common when booking direct on airline and hotel chain websites as the traveler only sees the choices of that particular website.  How would they know that there are lower options available?


BTI has systems in place to ensure you’re seeing all of the options, plus taking advantage of BTI’s hotel programs, many offering reduced rates and amenities such as complimentary high speed internet, breakfast, and parking.  These amenities are often overlooked, as they aren’t seen until the expense report is turned into accounting!


All of this combined, our management reports provide you with the data to measure your performance and ours.


Below is a list with descriptions to tell you more about our value-added services. Start saving today – partner with BTI!


Executive Service

Executive Service

A service to offer full travel support to your Leadership, designed with their busy schedules and unique needs in mind

·         BTI dedicated toll free number with custom


·         Elite 24/7 Emergency assistance service

·         Contacting vendors to clear special requests,

reconfirmation of itinerary

·         Processing of upgrades for air, hotel and car

·         Arranging ground transportation with meet and greet service if applicable

·         Enrolling travelers in frequent traveler programs for air, car, and hotel

·         Concierge service (theatre tickets, sporting event tickets, etc.)


Based on your company’s needs, BTI’s Executive Service can be customized to fit your individual VIP Travelers.


International Travel

International Travel

BTI staffs international specialists to handle the intricacies of international travel. We work within your employee’s itinerary to offer the best scheduling options.  Through our onsite International Rate Department we provide the lowest pricing by working with our affiliations worldwide.  In fact, on many itineraries we are able to offer a hard dollar upfront savings on an international trip booked through BTI that cannot be obtained elsewhere.


2010 total customer air savings of $469,209 or 13% on average.

YTD August 2011 total customer air savings of $511,200 or 14% on average


Take advantage of BTI’s hotel discount and amenity through our Virtuoso partnership offering tremendous value such as complimentary limousine transportation to/from the airport, guaranteed early check in, breakfast voucher, etc.

Our service’s extends beyond the booking to also include assistance with your requirements for travel documentation, destination information, and travel insurance to name a few.  In addition, we have preferred partnerships for Visa and passport processing.   Through BTI, feel secure that your travels abroad are handled by the experts.

Online Reservations

Online Reservations

Do you want to offer your travelers the flexibility of booking their travel on their own without giving up the control needed by your company?  Look no further than BTI’s online booking tool, where travel can be booked anytime, anywhere.  No need to do any research any where else, as we offer the same pricing seen on a consumer website or directly on the vendor websites.  In addition, you will see all vendors pricing options at the same time, including BTI’s, so that you can make the best travel decision.


Our online booking tool offers 24 /7 access and much more:


  • Site can be customized with the “look and feel” of your company
  • Out of policy notifications to increase travel policy compliance
  • Booking of air, car, hotel and train through one source.  Even the ability to reserve ground transportation, restaurants and activities.
  • BTI human support is just as important with online travel.  We staff full- time employees to support your technical and training needs.
  • Online access offers traveler’s full control to view and update BTI travel profile
  • BTI and company special hotel & car programs loaded on site
  • Travel Arranger Portal gives clients an easy way to view, manage and keep track of trips
  • View and use your non refundable tickets so they don’t go to waste
  • Mobile technology to keep traveler’s informed of flight delays, cancellations & gate changes.  You can even book a hotel!
  • Reduced transaction fees

Account Management

Account Management

Developing relationships and trust are highly regarded at BTI. We feel that we are only an advantage to your company if we are meeting and exceeding your expectations.  BTI offers services and tools to enhance your traveler’s trip experience, as well as positively impact your company’s bottom line.  We encourage feedback on our vendors, staff and overall quality of service.  Additionally, we assist you with problem solving to resolution.

We are the Liaison between BTI and your company:

  • New account implementation
  • Travel policy development for increased control and compliance
  • Review, analysis  of travel data for supplier negotiations
  • Traveler / Travel Arranger training and education
  • Management of your travel program – periodic reviews to measure and monitor your program


Richard was very impressed with the service he received from BTI’s Emergency After Hour Service this past weekend. He needed to change his return from Austin, TX and was unsuccessful in obtaining an answer from American Airlines who referred him to United Airlines who told him they couldn’t help and sent him back to American who sent him back to United, and so on. After more than an hour of telephone calls and ready to give up, he remembered that you have a 24-hour-service. Richard called the 800 number and was amazed that the gentleman with whom he spoke was able to solve the problem within minutes when no one else he spoke with was able to address the issue. He had a long, stressful trip and that gentleman’s assistance made all the difference.

Caroline B. SUNY ESF



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