Air Travel Endorsements


We are a new client of BTI Travel but have already noticed the benefits and value of using BTI for our business travel. They have done an excellent job of finding cost efficient flights that offer reasonable connecting times.


Recently, while booking a trip online, I became frustrated trying to find the desire flight at a reasonable cost. The Tickets were over $1,000.00 and during my search for less expensive options, I kept getting distracted by my other job responsibilities. This was not a wise use of my time. It was at that point I decided to pick up the phone and use the skills and experience of a BTI agent. The agent was happy to help and within minutes, found a flight that was nearly half the cost. We saved $496.00 and I saved myself unnecessary frustration.


I highly recommend using BTI for your travel needs. Through experience, knowledge and an understanding of business travel, they put together flight itineraries that are affordable and meet the demands of our business travelers.

Linda Ebensperger
Abscope Environmental, INC.
Phone: 315-697-84374

Over the past 4 years that I have personally worked with BTI, they have been nothing but amazing, as a company and on an individual basis. Everyone has always gone above and beyond to help and support CBORD’s busy travel needs.


A recent example of BTI’s supportive and proactive approach was to include our unused ticket bank directly on our online booking tool, Get There. This has helped travelers visually see what they had available to help use current funds and save CBORD money. By adding the ticket bank feature to our customized booking site, just under 3 months ago, we have already started to see savings. It has been a pleasure to work with BTI and to work closely with our outstanding account managers.

Jody Achilles
Travel Coordinator
The CBORD Group, INC
Ithaca, NY
Phone: 607-257-0070


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